Rising Sun Circuit

Want to start your day off right? Join our morning class to give you the fresh start you need. These high intensity sessions will combine boxing, cardio and strength and conditioning exercises to ensure you get the best start to your day.

Lunch Punch

Break up your day with a circuit training session to boost the midday endorphins! Drop in anytime during the session and sweat it out doing drills, pad work, cardio, and conditioning.

Beginners Class

Learn the foundations of boxing and burn some calories! This session will help you understand the basics in movement, stance, and punches, combined with cardio and conditioning exercises.

Advanced Class

Level up your boxing by learning advanced boxing strategy techniques that will help improve tactics and build strength.

Sparring Class

This is a supervised class and open to anyone that wants to work on their competition skills and techniques. Train in a professional boxing ring and feel the energy against the ropes!

Sundown Circuit

Need to unwind before you start a new week? Join us on Sunday afternoon and sweat it out with some drills, pad work, cardio, and conditioning exercises. Start your week strong!